The Salamanders took a win tonight defeating the Chili Peppers, 8-7.

The Chili Peppers started out strong with four runs in the top of the first and an RBI double from Michael Quinones bringing in Nate Carriere brought the score to 4-1 at the end of the first.

The bats stayed swinging for Tri-City as they headed into the second inning. Back-to-back home runs from Cam Miller and Brandon Eike made the score 6-2.

A sacrifice fly from William Bean brought home Danny Estrada to advance one more run for Tri-City in the top of the fifth. A Ryan Picollo two run homer early in the bottom of the fifth and a Michael Quinones putout to advance Mika Petersen home brought the score to 7-4.

The Salamanders scored two more runs in the bottom of the sixth after another Ryan Picollo two run homer, and the Salamanders trailed by one heading into the seventh.

Holly Springs took the lead in the bottom of the eighth after an RBI double from Ryan Picollo and an RBI single from Mika Petersen in the final score, 8-7.

The Salamanders are back on the road on Tuesday for a matchup against the Morehead City Marlins at 7pm.